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Photo credit: Elisabeth Tova Bailey

The field of Malacology is the study of mollusks, including gastropods (snails and slugs).

The Story of a Snail, a Writer, and a Scientist

Click here for the National Writing Project‘s interview with Tim Pearce, malacologist at the Carnegie Museum of Natural history, and Elisabeth Tova Bailey, author.

Malacological Reviews

“Filled with humour, pathos, and a gentle wonder . . . [The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating] is exquisitely written . . . ” —Robert H. Cowie Tentacle #19, IUCN/SSC Mollusc Specialist Group

“A wonderful, lively, and engaging introduction into the natural history of a snail.” —Charlie Sturm
American Malacological Society Newsletter

The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating [is] “Truly a gem . . . The reader is gracefully brought to an intimate examination of the mystery of life as evidenced by a small land snail as well as the larger personage of the author. A rich celebration . . . ” —Thomas E. Eichhorst
American Concologist

“[This book] held me spellbound. I thought I knew a good deal about snails, but this opened my eyes to a whole new world of discovery about terrestrial snail behaviour. Buy two copies of the book; one to read yourself and one to pass on to someone who does not even like snails.” —Bruce Livett
Malacological Society of Australia

Scientific Consultants for The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating

Malacologist Tim Pearce is the Assistant Curator & Head, Section of Mollusks, Carnegie Museum of Natural History. He is deeply involved in malacology research and has published extensively in the field.

Biologist Ken Hotopp is a Research Associate at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. He works on the biology and conservation of little-known animals, especially snails and slugs.