Wild Snail Book Migration Project

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Book cover with labelJust launched! Sixty students from the Loyola Blakefield High School in Towson, Maryland are participating in the Wild Snail Book Migration Project. The students are “releasing” 60 coded Wild Snail books into a variety of public places. They will then track the migration of these books through society. Each student chooses the location for the start of his book’s adventure. Ryan Bromwell, the science teacher heading the project wrote: “One student plans to place his book next to his favorite cereal in a grocery store. Another is planning to mail his copy to his grandparents in Minnesota. Another is taking his book to release in Jamaica (the country) on spring break. Others students are leaving their books in parks, malls, bookstores, etc.” If you see a copy of the book with a brightly colored label, it is part of the Wild Snail Book Migration Project.